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Buy Guaranteed Facebook Fans here, Seobbsr is the leader in the field of getting the Buzz For Your Business for your Facebook pages.

You cannot ignore the revolution that is taking place globally at phenomenal speed. 500,000,000 people are on Facebook. Your friends, your customers, your associates are all checking you out in Facebook every day before they decide if they want to have a relationship with you and whether they should work with or buy from you.

More people than ever get their news and make buying decisions from New Media rather than newspapers, TV and billboards.

If you want to compete in today’s economy you will need a Facebook page to:

  • Get New Customers
  • Engage Customers
  • Brand Yourself Apart
  • Initiate Viral Marketing
  • Show Everyone How Hot You Are!

How do we get Facebook fans for you? Through various methods such as inviting from our fans network, advertising and allowing access to premium content if fans like your page or join the network.

Will these fans interact with you? Absolutely! They are people like you and me, looking for the next hot thing. Like any new friends you make – you have to engage them positively (not spam them continuously) and your network will grow. We provide you with the seeds to viral market yourself.

Buy Facebook fans, these packages are guaranteed. Meaning, you can count on getting exactly what is described! If you order the 1000 fan package, you are going to get 1000 people signed up as fans of your fan page.These are all 100% Real Human Fans and our price is the best in the market today!

With these packages we GUARANTEE you that you will get the ordered number of NEW FANS on your fan page between 7-30 days. Note that your likes may start between 2 – 7 days.

See our Facebook Fan Packages: 

Buy Facebook Fans
Fans No. No Days Prices
500 Fans 10 Days $60 USD
1000 Fans. 15 Days $100 USD
2000 Fans 25 Days $175 USD
3000 Fans 35 Days $250 USD
5000 Fans 50 Days $400 USD
10000 Fans 60 Days $600 USD


Our Clients on “Buy Facebook fans”:

Testimonials is such a reasonably prices service for a what it does for business starting up in the Social Media Marketing world! I refer all of my associates to this site. John, Michigan, USA

This site is a Must for business just starting out! They are the “6 hour energy” of the Social Media world! Peter, London, UK

In 15 days we went from 5 to 1005 fans by the end of the week. We close to 1000 fans for $100 we paid! Unbelievable… All Real People:)  Bruce, USA

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