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Article writing is the key factor in any successful article submission campaign. We’ve screened 3000 article directory services and have accounts with the top 5%. Seobbsr guarantee maximum benefit with some 50+ postings for each article written. You can have multiple articles for any site.

Article Writing and Submission

Much like business directories, article directories feature categories on different subject matters and lists of articles on these topics.
Our article writing and submission service includes creating custom articles based on thorough research of your company and website. After writing, copies of the articles are provided for approval. Once approved, the articles are submitted to a variety of article directory sites.

These articles will have special value for links as they will be highly relevant to your business. In some cases, your article may include up to three links, meaning you can link to deeper pages on your site. This is known as deep-linking and is very valuable in SEO and building your site’s ranking.

Articles also have special value as they can be noticed by other sites, including social networks like Facebook or Digg. This is known as syndication and is especially powerful in building your online reputation and driving traffic to your site.

Effective Articles

The Strategy article writing and submission service is comprehensive. We:

  • Gather introductory information
  • Research the best content for your article and perform keyword research
  • Craft your article to fit your exact business needs
  • Allow you to review the article
  • Submit into the best article directories
  • Use existing accounts with increasing page rank, so you benefit from all the work have done or will do in the future

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