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As a SEO company USA we take our job very seriously. We are here to help you grow your business and make money. Therefore when you approach us, we do not recommend services blindly. Experts from our team will first understand your business and your requirements. Once they have done this, they will review your site. After all this is done, they will come up with a strategy to take your business to the next level. Depending on the kind of business and the kind of website, our team may suggest a combination of, or all of our services.

Solutions as unique as your business

Like other SEO companies in the market, we too have standard SEO packages that you can choose from. However we understand that every client has different needs and therefore the option of customising these packages is also available. Our customers can either add of services to packages that are already in existence or they can opt for separate services as well.

Therefore if you are looking for a company to optimize your website and to provide you with truly customer service, call our experts today.

Our SEO Services follow these steps to optimize your site.







Analysis and Research
Semantic Analysis No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Analysis 10 25 35 40 50
Website Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Analysis No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onpage Optimization
MataTag Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image-Alt-Tags Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Fixing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Density Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML Validation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Broken Link Fixing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MOD-Rewrite No Yes Yes Yes Yes
CMS No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Body Tag Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Robots.txt Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offpage Optimization
Directory Submission 100 200 500 1000 3000
Article Submission 50 100 200 400 500
Blog Promotion No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forum Posting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Press Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reciprocal Link Building No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Networking No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual SE Submission Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Report
Weekly Report No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Ranking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link Popularity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Activity Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traffic Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link Building Report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Working Hour 100hrs 150hrs 220hrs 450hrs 800hrs
Contract 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Maintenance $300/month $400/month $500/month $700/month $800/month
Package Cost $500 USD $650 USD $850 USD $1200 USD $1500 USD
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Following is a brief description of the process:

Exploring Opportunities and Competitive Research: We explore various opportunities that are related to your business. A highly extensive and competitive research is undertaken to give a boost to your web marketing campaigns.

Strategy Development: We devise result-oriented and effective SEO strategies that will give you a better return on investment.

Keyword research: The basis of a SEO campaign is keyword research. We work on creating effective and relevant keywords that can attract quality traffic to your website.

On-page optimization: Our exclusive on-page optimization techniques fetch more traffic for the website.

Link Building: We use excellent link building strategies through which you get many one way links. These strategies give a higher rank to your website.

Ranking Report: We make sure to prepare a ranking report and share it with you. The report shows the ranking of your website in different search engines.

Maintenance Plan and Strategy Review: We maintain your website and keep on reviewing the SEO strategies.

Consultation and Devising Keywords: An effective Search Engine Optimization depends upon effective keywords. The keywords should be relevant to your site so that it can generate more traffic. Our SEO specialists carry out an extensive research to gather an appropriate data. Keywords are created from this data. A consultation will take place between you and our specialist to finalize the keywords. A higher rank is guaranteed if you use our dynamic SEO services.

Link Development: Link development will be given due importance in the SEO services. Adequate links for your website will be created from the websites which have a decent page rank. Our link development strategies are ethical and result-oriented. We offer:

  • Article syndication
  • Effective directory submissions
  • Blog reviews
  • Two way link exchange with prestigious PR sites
  • One way links from websites and content-relevant directories

Reporting: We follow planned and organized reporting procedures. We prepare a ranking report before starting the SEO process. The report shows the ranking of your website in the search engines. We use this report to compare the results after optimization. The ranking reports will be sent to you on monthly basis.

Our SEO Process, ordered into 4 sections

Section 1 – Discovery

  • A review done of the website’s structure and how quickly Google indexes it
  • Discerning the current Page Rank, age of domain, and for how long the registration of domain is going to continue
  • Estimating the link popularity of back-links and how the pages are internally inter-linked
  • Carrying out assessment of Meta tags, h1 tags, and content that Google spiders follow
  • Reading into the current traffic arriving on the site and keywords used to drive traffic
  • Gauging the competitors, plus their strategies on primary keywords front
  • How promptly site is filled with fresh content
  • Locating dynamic pages and detecting awkward URL names
  • Current ranking of website

Section 2 – Analysis:

  • Building a keywords list that will be targeted in the campaign, after studying the Primary Keywords; keywords are selected for popularity and relevancy to website.
  • Checking out the modifications to make in a website’s structure; for example, changes in Site Map, Meta / h1 Tags, Header Tags, etc.
  • Checking out the quantity of content needed for client’s website and level of intricacy required
  • Putting in black and white a concrete plan for implementing Blog or RSS feed which betters frequency of relevant content updating on site
  • Forging a constructive action plan
  • Getting a rough idea about potential opportunities that will enable building-up inbound links through other targeted websites

Section 3 – Implementation:

  • Formulating a strategy in consultation with Client and introducing client to an Account Manager.
  • Preparing a final Primary Keywords list around which a final keyword strategy will be built
  • Modification of Dynamic Pages
  • On-site modifications and making adjustments in meta tags, h1 tags and site maps
  • Putting a process into movement via which website will automatically present on-going, updated content; doing it through Blog, RSS Feed, or CMS (Content Management System)
  • Creation of brand-new content and building an all-inclusive “knowledge center”
  • Initiating an inbound link acquisition campaign in order to produce quality, high-value links suitably matching client’s website content
  • Development / Distribution of press releases, keyword-rich Articles, and by-lined Articles to gain quality traffic
  • Initiating social media campaigns for getting quality inbound links
  • Submitting in reputed directories for more visibility

Section 4 – Management

  • When the campaign is on-track and gets going you will be provided weekly reports on the status of tasks that we have done towards your month-by-month ‘Plan of Action’.
  • An Account Manager will be permanently assigned to you. You can discuss your campaign with that person anytime you feel necessary and to clarify your doubts
  • A monthly report will be communicated to you informing about services performed, back-links created, including rankings report, along with rankings movement
  • A follow-up call will be made each month to review prior months results, and to decide the next ‘plan-of-action’


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